I am The 908th: Staff Sgt. Briahna Williams

  • Published
  • By Airman Juliana Todd
  • 908th Airlift Wing

Staff Sgt. Briahna Williams, is a load planner with the 25th Aerial Port Squadron. As a load planner, Williams is responsible for the management, movement and balancing of the weight of cargo and passengers aboard the aircraft.

To pull this off, she must communicate, organize and build a working partnership with all sections in the unit. Conveniently for Williams, this is her area of expertise. With a bachelor's degree in operations management and seven years of experience in her field, Williams is well versed in all things Aerial Port.

It was at the age of 20 and halfway through college when Williams made the decision to join the Air Force Reserve. Initially, Williams could never imagine herself joining the military despite the fact that both her mother and father served in the Army.

“When I asked, both of them agreed I should join the Air Force,” said Williams. “I originally joined the military to help with school but it has helped me gain structure in my life, meet amazing friends and find myself again.”

Williams was involved in clubs and extracurricular activities throughout school and has maintained that care and dedication into her military career. Shortly after arriving at the 908th, Williams acted as president of the Airmen Committed to Excellence group for two years and was coined by the Chief’s Group for her amazing leadership and efforts.

In the civilian world, Williams is completing her master’s degree for clinical mental health counseling at the University of Alabama. At the same time, she acts as a graduate assistant to her professor and works at a childhood development center.

In her free time, Williams enjoys fitness, attending high intensity interval training and hiking with her four-year-old Pitbull, Diamond.

Staff Sgt. Williams is a Reserve Citizen Airman that embodies the Air Force core values, service before self in and out of uniform and a dedication to excellence in all she does.