Inside the 908th: Fuels

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Austin Jackson
  • 908th Airlift Wing

When a plane sets its engines to full power and soars down the runway at hundreds of miles per hour, a specific career field is ‘fueled’ with pride in getting that aircraft into the air.

908th Airlift Wing fuel specialists (Air Force specialty code 2F0X1) maintain and operate fuels and cryogenic facilities and equipment, receive, store, and issue petroleum, cryogenic, and alternative fuel products, and perform quality analysis on petroleum and cryogenics products.

Fuel specialists also operate mobile refueling hydrant vehicles to refuel aircraft and ground equipment. They perform preventative and operator maintenance on fuel dispensing vehicles and handling equipment and fuel dispensing systems.

“Every plane and vehicle needs fuel,” said 908 AW fuels specialist Senior Airman Yashar King. “I feel like this job has a big impact on the Air Force. We get to see that every time a plane takes off.”

To ensure their fleet of vehicles is well maintained, fuel specialists confirm that their vehicle maintenance program is effective, monitor fuel temperatures and verify the amount of fuel in stock is at an acceptable level.  They forecast product requirements, place orders for products, and perform product receipt operations.

Fuel specialists develop several other skills, which can make them attractive candidates for various civilian careers.  These include, but are not limited to:

           -     Rotate stock to prevent product quality degradation and ensure effective operator maintenance programs are carried out

-     Maintain inspection and maintenance records for their facilities

-     Report facility deficiencies to the appropriate maintenance activity and initiate facility upgrade and construction projects

-     Inspect and maintain cryogenic storage tanks and support equipment

-     Operate and maintain cryogenic production plants

-     Maintain quality control over fuel and cryogenic products using laboratory test equipment

In this career field attention to detail is very important. Fuels specialists conduct preventive maintenance inspections on the fueling vehicle fleet to determine the overall mechanical condition of equipment. They correct any deficiencies, analyze malfunctions, document deficiencies, coordinate repairs with the refueling maintenance shop, and make on-the-spot repairs.

The perfect person for this role is someone who can manage their day-to-day tasks, while being flexible enough to adjust when things get busy.

“This job is for someone who really enjoys both a fast and a steady paced work environment,” said 908 AW fuels specialist Senior Airman LaShonda Marshall. “You have to love what you do…I love the smell — I love being around the fuel.”

For Marshall, the highlight of her day is socializing with other Airmen as the planes come and go.

“The best part for me is that I get to meet so many different walks of life,” said Marshall. “The crew chiefs walk up to the plane and make this job so much fun.”

For entry into this specialty, completion of high school with courses in general science, computer science, mathematics, and chemistry is desirable.

If you are interested in a part-time career with full-time benefits as a Reserve Citizen Airman with the 908th Airlift Wing, please contact our Recruiting staff at 334-953-6737.

Located at Maxwell Air Force Base, the 908th is Alabama’s only Air Force Reserve wing. The wing has approximately 1,200 Reserve Citizen Airmen, serving in more than 20 career fields, with Air Reserve Technicians, civilian employees and Reservists on active duty tours conducting day-to-day operations.