I am The 908th: Master Sgt. Kevin Garett

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Austin Jackson
  • 908th Airlift Wing

Master Sgt. Kevin Garett, 908th Maintenance Squadron MH-139 technical maintainer, is living his dream while developing the next generation of Airmen.

What started as a simple conversation back in 2008 between Garett, then 17, and a member of 25th Aerial Port Squadron, has turned into an expansive 15-year career; a career that almost never happened.

“When I was a kid, I have always loved aviation,” he said. “But most of my family is in the U.S. Army, (s0) I never gave it (the Air Force) much thought.”

After meeting a member of 25 APS, who took Garett under his wing and told him to look into the Air Force Reserve, the Troy, Alabama native soon found himself embarking on a journey of servant leadership.  

“I’ve been all around the world in the military,” said Garett, “Papua New Guinea, Scotland and Germany.”

Though the opportunity of traveling and being around aircraft initially brought him to the Air Force Reserve, it is the people that make him stay.

“I’ve gotten to the point in life where it’s not just about the aircraft, per se,” he said. “I like mentoring.”

Garett, a father of twins and a cattle farmer, found a new title in his role at the 908th Airlift Wing… ‘work dad’.

“I want to see my troops be smart financially, relationally and ultimately see them successful in life,” he said. “I like taking Airmen and making them a better people, not just a better mechanic.”

In 2019, Garrett was awarded senior noncommissioned officer of the year. Even then, Garett’s focus was on others.

“When I won, my goal was, ‘How can I keep this going’? So, two years later, I put one of my Airmen in for the award,” he said. “That’s what it’s all about… keep it going, keep passing it down.”

Garett’s commitment to both the Air Force Reserve and the Airmen placed in his charge are the qualities that make him an outstanding Reserve Citizen Airman.