I am The 908th: Mrs. Katrina Lee

  • Published
  • By Maj. John T. Stamm
  • 908th Airlift Wing

The little office plaque on her desk says, “Chaos Coordinator.” 

Point that out and 908th Airlift Wing Manpower Analyst and 2023 Civilian Category III of the Year winner, Mrs. Katrina Lee, just laughs and smiles.

Her job is to manage the authorizations for positions in the various groups and squadrons in the wing, which means she ensures that units are authorized to have the number of positions they require, at the rank they require and the required funding to fulfill their mission.  

In addition to managing manpower authorizations, she assists and advises the 908th Force Support Squadron’s military personnel flight, drawing on her experience as a former personnel specialist. 

“Ok, so I’m not really a chaos coordinator,” she said. “I’m more like gap insurance for the force support squadron.”

Mrs. Lee joined the active-duty Air Force in 1996 and became a traditional reservist with the 908th AW in 2000. That lasted three months before leadership recognized her abilities and potential and offered her an Air Reserve Technician position with the 357th Airlift Squadron.

She was an ART with the wing until she retired from military service in 2019 to spend more time with her children.

“I had kids later on in my career, and I didn’t want to juggle being a full-time reservist and them,” she said. “I just wanted to be a mom.”

She stayed on with the wing in a civilian capacity, which not only allowed her more time with her children but also allowed her to follow her passion - helping people.  

One of her biggest pet peeves is when someone is seeking help and is told, “that’s not my job,” or, “I can’t help you.” 

Ms. Lee doesn’t play that game.

“I do my best to try and help resolve challenges, whatever they may be,” she said. “If I can assist people, or, at a minimum, point them in the right direction, that’s what I am passionate about.”

As a former noncommissioned officer and a mom, taking care of people just comes naturally to her. She even keeps a supply of snacks in her office for anyone who needs it, no strings attached.

“Just something that Airmen can grab and keep going about their day.”