New vice says hello

  • Published
  • By Col. Paul Knapp
  • 908th Airlift Wing
Wow! What a great introduction to the 908th! You've impressed me through the final prep and execution phases of the CUI, HSI and LCAP. Great work! I'm honored that Colonel Clark has given me the opportunity to join your team.

I'm Col. Paul Knapp, born and raised in Wisconsin, and now live in Whitefish Bay, a small village north of Milwaukee. I have a wonderful family with my wife Renee and two kids, Connor, 7, and Kennedy, 4. I try to spend as much time as possible with my great family, love sports, technology and my wife's great cooking.

My diverse background includes over 12 years of active duty. My first assignment as an OSI agent inspired my call sign, Snitch. I had assignments as an F-15E Weapon Systems Officer and an Air Force Liaison Officer to the Army in Korea, before moving to the Reserves and the airlift world at the 440 AW in Milwaukee and the C-130 community.
I accompanied the 440th to Pope, followed by a flight test squadron command at Hill AFB and a short stint at Robins prior to coming here.

My first responsibility here is to be Colonel Clark's "right-hand man." As the vice, I support, defend, and advise our boss as we execute the mission at home and around the world. Secondly, I am the wing's senior traditional reservist, and my mission is to ensure you each have a well-balanced Reserve triad. It is imperative each of us maintain a healthy balance between our family, civilian jobs and the Air Force; that is my priority!

As a civilian, I have a contract position with Boeing as a flight test WSO for the F-15 program. I fly new fighters when they roll off the production line in St. Louis, test new weapon systems and software, and deliver them to customers.

I am honored to serve with and for you as vice wing commander. I must clear up something I have been asked repeatedly: Auburn or Alabama? After a long and careful deliberation, I have made up my mind and my final answer is ...