Be Ready For Opportunities

  • Published
  • By Chaplain (Maj.) Jamie Danford
  • 908th Airlift Wing
I remember receiving a call from my leadership when I had graduated seminary. I was being placed in a church, and I was asked if I was ready for an opportunity. I had been around long enough to know that what he really meant was he was sending me to a place that had problems.

I looked at the history of the church and there had been problems, but being I was too young to say "no thanks," I took it.

While there were challenges, I can honestly say my time there was loads of fun. I ended up being their longest-tenured pastor and left only when I was activated with the military. The church grew in numbers and unity. When, by God's grace, I had to leave I can honestly say it was better than when I arrived.

I share that story to point out that all good opportunities have challenges. In fact any endeavor that is worth remembering has challenges. Think back over your life. Many of the fondest memories you have with your friends were made during adversity or challenging times. Those are the richest stories that we share.

We are living in challenging times here at the 908th Airlift Wing, and I would bet, in our personal lives as well. However, in all of this there are also opportunities to do great things. It is my prayer we will meet the challenges of the future and see the great opportunities that are ahead.