No time for compromise

  • Published
  • By Col. Brett Clark
  • 908th Airlift Wing
"May you live in interesting times."
-- Ming Zi (ancient Chinese proverb)

The Feb. 3 Force Structure announcement regarding the planned retirement of our aircraft has put the 908th into interesting times indeed.

The news undoubtedly came as a shock to many of you. Frankly, even though I had considered the possibility of this kind of news, when I was notified that this was the proposed plan, I too was shocked. The announcement seemed unreal to me.

But through it all, I was proud of the way you accepted the news. You faced tough challenges and clearly demonstrated a desire and an unshakeable will to fight to maintain our legacy of excellence and selfless service. It is that steadfast professionalism and commitment to excel which is our best argument to remain a flying organization.

Currently, the senior officers across the wing are working hard to plot a future course for the 908th and are working closely with our leadership at HAF, AFRC, and 22 AF along with local civic leaders and supporters. You can rest assured, when it comes to fighting for your future, the wing's leadership is fully committed to telling your story and making a case for our continued operations. We are all in.

Further details on the proposal are scheduled to be made public a few days after the UTA. At this point, the Department of Defense and the Air Force's proposal has to be approved by congress. We do not know when or how much of this proposal will make it through the political process. Patience will be required. As news develops, we will be sharing it on our official web page and social media.

Until we know something, the best input we can each provide the decision-makers is to do our jobs with absolute excellence and pride. That will ensure the strongest case is built to justify a future mission for the 908th.

WHEN we kick butt on the CI in June, that will send a clear message to all -- there is no letdown or compromise of excellence in this organization. No matter what the challenge or adversity, we are and will continue to be the best flying wing in the Air Force Reserve.