CPI eLearning

  • Published
  • By Tim Welch
  • 908th Airlift Wing

In my brief time here with the 908 AW, a number of you have expressed an interest in learning. Learning more about the Air Force, more about our wing and more about how we can do things smarter, better and more cost effective. There is no shortage of innovative thinkers here at the 908 AW. The future is coming quickly and we are meeting it head on.

But to succeed in the future, we need the tools to make us more able to adapt and overcome the future. Many of those tools can be found in our Continuous Process Improvement and Innovation platforms. The way forward is for as many of our members as possible to embrace and learn about those platforms and start their own journey to becoming Green Belts. Many of you have expressed an interest in attending a Green Belt training session. This is why it is exciting that we have Green Belt Academic eLearning available to us.

Green Belt Academic eLearning is ideal for developing more green belts within our organization, and to further growing current green belt and black belt knowledge. 

For current CPI practitioners it offers a great opportunity to continue developing their knowledge by utilizing the independent completion class.  Independent completion gives practitioners access to over 70 hours of training to further develop their skills as needed and at their pace. 

For future practitioners the Green Belt class is conducted over a nine week period or can be accelerated and completed in one week or less

Once enrolled in Green Belt training, students can get started the same day and can finish completely on their own or proceed at the pace set out in the class schedule.  The class schedule starts with a kickoff virtual class on the class start date, although you can start upon enrollment.  Then a group of modules are completed over the next three weeks followed by virtual checkpoint 1. Then another group of modules are completed over the next three weeks followed by virtual checkpoint 2. Then the last group of modules are completed over the next three weeks followed by virtual checkpoint 3 and a final exam. 

NOTE: Checkpoints can be attended live or after the checkpoint via the recorded link posted in the students’ portal. For students wanting to complete this training quickly, they can get started today and if they work at an accelerated pace can watch prerecorded checkpoints of the previous class.

eLearning is BEST done OFF the Air Force network which should relieve some traffic from the AFNET (works great from your phone, tablet, or personal/government computer). Which makes it perfect for the current telework environment we find ourselves using these days.

There is even a transcript feature; once enrolled students can keep track of the time spent in the modules and can report the time to complete the training while teleworking. 

The DoD goal is for 5% of our full-time population to be Green Belt trained. Additionally, Maj Gen Healy, the 22 AF/CC, highlighted insufficient CPI practitioners as a barrier to success in reforming AFRC into a highly effective/efficient organization.

By starting and continuing your training and developing your critical thinking and problem solving skills, you will become more effective and productive; your team and organization will transform from good to great…we’ve got nothing to lose and everything to win!

A direct link to the CPI Portal is below:


If you have any questions please let me know.