Ready for the June UTA

  • Published
  • By Col. Craig Drescher
  • 908th Airlift Wing

With the very public celebration of the end of our C-130 Tactical Airlift chapter, I’ve had several opportunities to reflect on who we are at the 908th and what we do.  We recently received detailed feedback from the 22nd Air Force command team Maj Gen Larson and Chief Cox at the end of their visit last UTA and all of AFRC’s senior most leadership last week.

Here is what they said.  We have great, professional Airmen!  They are very proud of how you executed during our deployments last year and they admire how you are attacking our many re-missioning challenges.  Specifically, they want to replicate some of the innovative ways you are solving our training challenges.

Maj Gen Larson, Chief Cox and the other Team 22nd Airmen commented on how we as a wing emphasize being ready to deploy within 72 hours of notification.  We bring your focus to that during the first hour of Newcomers and stay focused on that 24/7.  Of course, to do that, you have to be ready all the time.  Deploying is what we do, why we exist as an organization.

Who we are is also emphasized that first morning of Newcomers.  We are a very diverse organization that includes everyone.  We aren’t perfect, but we work hard to use tools to minimize the bias that resides in all of us.  We are also an organization made up of Airmen that look out for each other.

This weekend, we are going to receive some important refresher training.  We will be reminded that to be great wingman, we look out for our teammates that may be struggling with life.  We will also be reminded that all of us should be free to serve.  That means that NO ONE should ever feel harassed or unsafe; especially sexually harassed or assaulted.

Thank you for always being ready to professionally execute our mission.  Please listen up to our training this weekend and come away with one idea or nugget of information that can help you become an even better wingman.