CFC: Why your support matters

  • Published
  • By Maj. Robert McNulty
  • 908th CFC Coordinator
There are many organizations that do outstanding work in the community by helping others in a variety of ways. Some of the larger charities you probably recognize are the Red Cross, Humane Society, and the Food Bank.

However, there are some smaller, lesser-known organizations doing fantastic work that many of us have never heard of. It's not until we have an event or issue in our lives that we become aware of these groups and what they do.

Such was the case with my family.

While my wife and I were stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, our daughter was born prematurely and had some issues needing to be dealt with by specialists at Cook Children's Hospital in Dallas. We were lucky because our daughter's case was not particularly serious, and we lived within two hours driving distance of Dallas.

However, during this situation we met several families with children whose conditions were much more severe and had traveled eight hours or more. Their insurance usually covered the medical portion - sometimes not everything, though - but it did not cover the travel, hotel stays, and all the costs these families had to pay out of pocket.

After talking with these families, we learned many had received help. Organizations, such as those in the CFC, provided them assistance finding reduced lodging, tickets to theme parks, prepaid gas cards, support groups, etc.

Many of us don't become fully aware of these organizations until a friend, a loved one or even ourselves have to endure difficult circumstances. I ask that you find something you're passionate about or perhaps have had some interaction with (maybe you or your family have been helped by one of these organizations), and make a donation.

There's a family somewhere out there right now that doesn't realize they might soon need help. When they receive it, they will be extremely thankful, and your donation will continue to impact others.

Today the CFC is the world's largest and most successful workplace charity campaign, with almost 200 campaigns throughout the country and overseas, raising millions of dollars each year for an estimated 20,000 charitable organizations worldwide. The choices of CFC organizations span a broad range. If you can, please help CFC organizations assist those in need.

Thank you.