A tree's true strength

  • Published
  • By Ch. (Capt.) Matthew Hoshor
  • 908th Airlift Wing
Fall can be a bittersweet season. In spring, we see vibrancy and growth as tiny green leaves appear on seemingly dead branches. During fall, it can seem as though the good is slipping away. Winter's cold is coming, and with it, the leaves will be torn from the tree, twisted by the wind, and crushed underfoot by those passing beneath the once-beautiful branches.

Though the leaves are gone, the cold hasn't changed the tree. It will continue to live and grow - as God intended. Fall will strip it of beauty, yet it won't destroy it, for the tree is resilient. The wind may blow, howl and tear away leaves, but those who look will not see decay and death. They will see life and strength. The tree is just as strong and alive as it was in spring.

If we wait, fall and winter will pass and, eventually, spring will return.

The wind will blow this way, and it will blow that way, but it's just wind. When the leaves fall, all seems lost. It isn't! As the seasons change, don't be discouraged by wind and falling leaves. T

he tree's strength is not in its leaves, but in the depth of its roots. We don't see the roots, so they are often ignored or neglected. Stay strong in your roots, and your integrity and strength will survive. The chilling seasons will pass.

Falling leaves and chill winds might seem depressing, but remember, they fall only to further protect the roots; the true strength and foundation of the tree.