Faith, Hope, & Love

  • Published
  • By Ch. (Lt. Col.) W. Lance Hoggatt
  • 908th Airlift Wing
February is the month we celebrate Valentine's Day and Groundhog Day. Both holidays signify spring is near but what does that actually mean and how can we apply it to our daily lives?

The tradition of Groundhog Day holds that if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow he will return to his underground burrow and there will be six more weeks of winter. Valentine's Day is named for an early Christian martyr and saint named Valentinus. The celebration of Valentine's Day is associated with fresh flowers and therefore also the advent of spring.

The Apostle Paul wrote a letter to the people of Corinth and he said "Three things will last forever - faith, hope, and love - and the greatest of these is love." The traditions of Punxsutawney Phil and St. Valentine remind us that February is the month that we focus our attention on Faith, Hope, and Love.

These are applicable for each of us in our daily lives. Today, for example, you may be experiencing anxiety because of a deployment, finances, the loss of someone close to you, the loss of a job, relationship issues, or work-related stress.

Valentine's Day and Groundhog Day remind us that spring and the newness of life it promises is just around the corner, thus we should embrace faith, hope, and love as standards by which we live our lives.

One author puts it this way "Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength." Maybe you feel that your strength has been depleted; look forward to the spring.

I challenge each of us to renew our strength by concentrating on our Faith in our God, our Hope for tomorrow, and the Love that is a part of our families.