Reasons to be proud

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Jonathon Flanders
  • 908th Airlift Wing
Since joining the 908th Airlift Wing in the summer of 201, I have been amazed at the work being done in my squadron and throughout our wing. In the three years since, we have participated in - and often shaped - monumental events.

Everything from multiple deployments and inspections to tornadoes and disaster relief efforts to a force shaping announcement to changes throughout wing leadership and even our recent 50th anniversary celebration all stand out in my mind.

We have accomplished big things together. We excelled despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles like sequestration and the government shutdown.
How did we do this?
I think the answer is clear if we just look around. We are successful because we have a talented and diverse group of Airmen who remain committed to excellence and service.

While the high turnover ratio that our wing has experienced in recent years causes some stress it also infuses our organizations with new ideas and new energy. We even see this happening at the entry level with our new accessions. Obviously, diversity is more than demographics. It also means diversity of thought and new ideas. However, I think our wing stands as a model of idea-based as well as demographic diversity.

For instance, our wing is 28 percent female as compared to the Air Force Reserve which is 26 percent Also, our wing is 40 percent African-American compared to the Air Force Reserves which is 17 percent.
We should be proud, of both our many accomplishments and our diverse makeup.

Being a part of an organization with such a legacy of valor and a rich tradition steeped in a talented and diverse group of Airmen is a rewarding and rare experience. My hope is that we channel our energies toward the big events on the horizon like the UEI, upcoming deployments, and the current budgetary environment.

Together we can continue to show the world that we truly are among the best of the best!