One Team, One Goal

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Vicki Slick
  • 908th Airlift Wing
T eamwork is a compound word, when broken down you get Team and Work. When you look at the words individually you get the following:

"TEAM" is defined as individuals who come together to achieve a common goal. Besides having a common goal you must also have good communication, be well organized, have mutual respect, adaptability and support and guidance. Here at the 908th we have all kinds of individuals that form "our" team. We all put aside our jobs outside the military to wear a uniform that unites us. I take pride in being part of this team. My "TEAM" members who I work with here at the 908th are more than just that.

They are my wingmen and extended family.

"WORK" is defined as sustained physical or mental effort to overcome obstacles and achieve an objective or result. WE all have a job to do here when we come to the 908th. It is a job we actively choose to do. It is not work forced upon us, but rather a choice. We all put forth the effort to wear a uniform to be part of a "TEAM" that is bigger and mightier than the individual.

Our role here at the 908th is to achieve a common goal: To be an outstanding unit that we are proud to be a part of, and to keep our crew members safe as they fly the missions we support. It takes every one of us to do that. Our jobs may be different, but in the bigger picture they are just small pieces of the puzzle that make the whole thing come together.

Self-made steel tycoon and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie once said, "Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. (It is) the ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

The 908th Airlift Wing has provided 50 years of service and excellence to this country. This would not have been possible without the professionalism and teamwork of the 908th family.