More or less: Can't we do both?

  • Published
  • By Ch. (Capt.) Matthew Hoshor
  • 908th Airlift Wing
Again and again I hear the mantra, "Do more with less." The grumble from below reverberates, "Don't they know that it is impossible do more with less?"

Reflecting for a moment, I realized that we can do more with less...and make a mess! When there is too much to do, we rush things to try to squeeze it all in. The old adage "Haste makes waste" soon catches us. That is when things start falling apart and our stress sky rockets.

The question changes: do we want quantity or quality? Take my family - they want both! They want quality and quantity time. If we are going to keep our families, we must provide them quality time and quality time.

The Air Force is the same way. So how in the world do we balance the endless cries of, "Do more with less"? My solution has been to do less with more. I block out time just for my family and cut out the "more," like movies. During that time we do less, we stress less, and it affords us a chance to enjoy each other more!

What about my Air Force? Same thing. I cut out the "more," such as re-working a problem several times, by getting it done right the first time. Cleaning up a mess takes a lot longer than not making a mess in the first place.

Citizen Airmen, I encourage you to find ways to do less and enjoy life more. Your families and careers will flourish because of it.