Resilient: What we all need to be

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Kelvin L. King
  • 908th Airlift Wing
Resilient is what we all need to be - not an easy task with what the world throws at us.

As Reservists we have to do a juggling act with our home, work and military lives. It doesn't take much to make us "drop the ball" if we aren't resilient. It's not the end of the world if and when you do.

Whatever it is you're grappling with, the most important thing is to pick up the pieces and start again. We become an even stronger person than before.

There are times we have feelings of despair or being overwhelmed or aggravated with things that come our way. This is when we must pull from what we believe in to help us get through these obstacles.

We may pull from inspiration from a higher power, or from loved ones. When dealing with the stresses of life, we must learn to bounce back.

You can have joy in your life even when you have trials. The key is to have is a positive attitude no matter what. Try to put yourself in the company of those that are positive and good role models. You may want to be a good role model yourself.

Everyone, in some way, has someone who looks up to them. Don't let them down!

One of the biggest things that can bring you down is being around negative people. We all know negative people, but don't let it rub off on you. Surrounding yourself with positive people can help keep your spirit elevated.

Technical Sgt. King is a member of the 908th Chaplain's Office.