Spring is here again

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Kelvin King
  • 908 AW
A Moment with the Chaplain

Spring time is upon us. With it, there are many fun outdoor activities in which we can engage. We must remember to add safety to minimize the potential for accidents. Risk management comes into play, no pun intended.

Family and friends are a large part of the outdoor activities which we love: swimming, camping, fishing, and all of the outdoor sports. Let’s make sure we do these activities in a fun and safe manner. A lot of accidents happen due to not taking the time to plan the event. We need to make sure we have our equipment in good order and have the necessary equipment to do the task safely.

Along with the spring comes some of the not so welcome pollen from flowers and pine trees. The pollen coats our vehicles with the yellow-green film of dust. The rain is welcomed as it helps clean the air for those who have allergies to breathe more easily.

As the seasons change, we should also want to change for the better and try to improve on relationships and apply the golden rule: treating others as you want to be treated. This is something we all can improve upon.

According to your faith background, there are many ways to draw from it to give you inspiration to tackle the rigors of life. There are times when things can become overwhelming, and focusing on your faith is a way to absorb the stress.

Resiliency is what you want to achieve so that you are able to bounce back from any situation. Maintaining balance between our civilian and military work, and family and spiritual facets of our lives, helps us enjoy life and be a positive role model as a Citizen Airman.