Strength from within

  • Published
  • By Col. Adam Willis
  • 908 AW

We have come a long way in the two short years I have had the privilege of commanding the best C-130 tactical airlift wing in AFRC! The proud men and women of the 908th have a long heritage of being the best and I, for one, would not argue that fact. Since I have been here, the dedication to service, the excellence in all you do and your integrity is embodied in every wingman in the wing. It manifests itself in both the concrete and the abstract. From enlisted development to awards banquets, from deployments to Blue Thunder exercises, from aircraft generation to aircraft nose art … the vision of the 908th cannot be contained, nor will it. Let it spill out among the masses … let if permeate in all endeavors you can muster … let it be a testament to you, the heart of this great organization … the 908th Airlift Wing. Because it is your unbridled vision that will ensure your future … that will ensure the future of the unit.

As the 908th continues to mature and train its younger wingmen, I cannot express my gratitude to all the families whom entrust us with their loved ones. It cannot be overstated that the family make a warrior a warrior! We simply train you, but your family gives you the strength to endure, to excel, to succeed, to grow, to respect … the family is at the heart of success and it is because of you and your family that the wing will endure …

As President Franklin Roosevelt, stated many years ago … "Be sincere, be brief and be seated." I will certainly do that … I have been sincere … you are the best! I have been brief…and now I will take my leave.

Stay safe, proud and stay engaged …