Fathers Invest in Their Children

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A Moment with the Chaplain

June marks the midpoint of our trip around the Sun. This is the month that we transition from spring to summer, and if you live in Alabama that brings mixed feelings. Long summer days also mean unbearably humid, hot conditions. If you are guarding a post or working on the flight line, these upcoming hot days may not be seen as very pleasant.

One great thing about June is the celebration of Father’s Day. Father’s Day is always a mixed bag of emotions for me (just like the mixed feeling of summer’s temperature) because my father died almost 16 years ago. After he died I really did not think much about Father’s Day for many years.

After my own children were born, Father’s Day started to grow in meaning again. Now, as a Father of three boys I can look at Father’s Day as a joyous occasion once again.

My children express how much they love me, and I get to evaluate myself as a Father. This is very important to do often. Father’s Day gives me a chance to reflect on how well I am doing as their dad. No matter what job or hobby we are doing, it is always important to evaluate our performance if we want to continue to improve. Being a father is no different. Without constant reviews, we tend to fall into a rut that keeps us from being the best we can be.

I encourage each dad this Father’s Day to reflect on the wonderful job God has given to us. Being a father means we get to invest in the lives of our children daily. We get to guide them into being men and women of character, integrity, and faith. To whom much is given, much is expected, so be sure to give your children your all.