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Military OneSource is a confidential Department of Defense-funded program providing comprehensive information on every aspect of military life at no cost to active duty, National Guard, and reserve members, and their families.

Information includes, but is not limited to, deployment, reunion, relationships, grief, spouse employment and education, parenting and childhood services. It is a virtual extension to installation services.

Deployments can be challenging for any service member or military family. We want to make managing those separations easier and help you find ways to make your reunions happy and successful ones.

Use these resources, tools, and articles throughout your deployment to make every step, from pre-deployment preparations, to settling back into family routines post-deployment, smoother for you and your family.

Military OneSource: Non-Medical Counseling

Do you want to speak to someone about managing change? Do you need some advice on dealing with reintegration concerns? Do you want to speak to someone about your relationships?

Military OneSource offers a variety of choices when eligible military members and their families feel a need for counseling - at no cost.


Non-medical counseling addresses issues requiring short-term attention, including everyday stressors, deployment and reintegration concerns, parenting, grief and loss, and marital issues.

Call center and online support is available 24/7 from master's level triage consultants, providing eligible users with appropriate referrals to providers.

Increased flexibility in options can help meet your needs through online, telephonic or face-to-face non-medical counseling sessions.

Non-medical counseling sessions are provided by independently licensed counselors for up to 12 sessions per issue, per eligible service and family member.

Eligibility includes all active duty service and family members including same-sex domestic partners of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force, and National Guard and reserve members (regardless of activation status) including members of the Coast Guard Reserve activated as part of the Department of the Navy under Title 10 authority. Except as noted here, Coast Guard personnel, spouses and dependent children are not eligible for the Military OneSource program.

Non-medical counseling is not intended to address issues such as active suicidal or homicidal thoughts, Family Advocacy Program cases, sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence, alcohol and substance abuse, or mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Non-medical counseling is also not suitable for those who are being prescribed psychoactive medication, who are currently receiving therapy with another practitioner or for fitness-for-duty evaluations or court-ordered counseling.

If an issue is outside the non-medical counseling scope, the triage consultant will offer assistance to the caller by locating and contacting appropriate support.