Annual tour: What you're entitled to

  • Published
  • By Debbie Smith
  • 908th FM
When a Reservist performs Annual Tour at a base location that states "all meals are available," then the Reservist is not entitled to per diem (meals) for that location. Reservists will receive per diem for travel days to and from TDY and will be reimbursed for the lodging.

This time of the year we have large groups of Reservist going on their Annual Tour together to locations that have the meal statement "all meals available." Make sure you read your orders and know what you are entitled to before leaving on your TDY.
Do not go and get a cash advance on your Government Travel Card (GTC) that you will not be reimbursed for when you file your travel voucher. FM has been asked by several units the Regulation for the AT per diem. This is found in the Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR) Chapter 7, Part G, U7150, item (c). Here is the excerpt from the Regulation: No Per Diem or AEA for Certain Active Duty Periods.

There is no authority for per diem or AEA (Actual Expense Authority) under par. U7150-A3 for a: (1) Member performing annual training duty when both government quarters (other than temporary lodging facilities) and mess are available.

When returning from TDY, make sure you file your travel voucher in either RTS or DTS, which is indicated on your order (AF 938). Contact your unit orderly room for help with RTS and your unit ODTA for DTS.

Citibank is sending out the new "chip" GTC cards. You will need to go into your DTS and update your travel card expiration date before you process any travel vouchers. If you have any questions about your DTS account, contact your unit LDTA.

We have Reservists going to Yellow Ribbon events. After the events, members will file travel vouchers in DTS. Make sure family members manually fill out a voucher, which should be turned into Tech. Sgt. Billy Kidd for processing. If you have questions contact FM at (334) 953-6722.