Inspection system Top 10 for success

  • Published
  • By By Col. Kyle Voight
  • AMC Deputy IG
Artwork by Staff Sgt. Austin May
100 ARW/PA

"The new AFIS is the best change we've seen in the inspection business in 30 years," said Brig. Gen. Steve Arquiette, the driving force behind AMC making inspections more relevant, value-added tools for commanders over the past three years.

The AFIS and its new Unit Effective Inspection (UEI) process are critical to future successes, as they provide wing commanders the tools to evaluate and ensure mission readiness and compliance across the enterprise under a much more effective and efficient approach.

The program became operational on Oct. 1, marking a huge change in how commanders look at their role in evaluating overall wing effectiveness. Yet, there's still a lot to do before we inculcate the change into Airmen culture. Here are ten things we can do to improve AFIS implementation.