CE FY18/19 timeline: air traffic control tower, gate upgrades, JAG school addition

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Charles Welty
  • Air University Public Affairs

The 42nd Civil Engineer Squadron is scheduled to undergo a number of construction projects over the next year including multiple renovations as well as the planning of future building projects on base.


While many projects starting this year are repairs or renovations, one of the highlights is the initial planning for a new air traffic control tower here. Due to the current tower being one of the oldest still in use in the Air Force, Maxwell was recently allotted $18 million for a new one to be built, although a date has yet to be set for construction.


Below is a list of some of the other highlighted projects scheduled to begin/continue construction as well as estimated completion dates:


-ROTC dorm renovation: 5 Sept. 2018 – 31 March 2019

-Riverfront Inn dining facility HVAC repair: 20 July 2018 – 16 Jan. 2019

-OTS dining facility renovation: 1 Oct. 2018 – 13 March 2019

-Air University eSchool renovation: 15 Aug. 2018 – 8 Dec. 2019

-Dalraida (Gunter) gate upgrade: 28 Sept. 2018 – 8 Apr. 2019

-Security gate pop-up barrier renovation (Both Maxwell and Gunter): 18 Aug. 2018 – 14 Feb. 2019

-Maxwell Elementary and Middle School renovation: 2 May 2017 – 15 July 2020


Future projects:


-Air traffic control tower: TBA

-Judge Advocate General school addition: TBA

-Maxwell commercial vehicle inspection gate: TBA


Even with numerous projects going on, the 42nd CE squadron has said that no major inconveniences should be caused for people getting to work.