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    During this time of COVID-19 we have been given an opportunity to operate in a different environment and take advantage of some unique training. Although much of that training has been less hands-on and more distance learning, we have adapted and overcome so that we can continue to learn and grow in an atypical world. We have been given another opportunity to apply available technology so that we can continue this pattern of growing our future leaders.
  • CPI eLearning

    Green Belt Academic eLearning is ideal for developing more green belts within our organization, and to further growing current green belt and black belt knowledge.

    Events with COVID-19 are moving rapidly, but as the boss said - taking care of our Airmen and families is job #1.

    Heroes of the Air Force Reserve, I want to share our plan ahead for the Air Force Reserve as we help our country respond to and mitigate the spread of COVID-19. As you know, the president announced a national emergency on March 13, due to the Novel coronavirus. As your commander, I want you to know my commander’s intent going forward.
  • Foundation of Freedom

    The U.S. Constitution is the Foundation of Freedom.
  • Leadership and followership

    This month, I will be celebrating my thirtieth year as a member of the United States Air Force. To say that today’s Air Force is the same one as the one I joined in 1986 would be true to a degree, but also a fallacy. We may be the same in name, but we certainly aren’t the same in spirit.
  • Help is here: Protecting members from dishonest lenders

    Each year, thousands of people throughout the country fall victim to unscrupulous lending practices. Fortunately for active-duty, reserve component members, and their families, Office of Servicemember Affairs, provides assistance with consumer financial challenges through education, monitoring of complaints, and coordinating with federal and state agencies on military protection measures.
  • Fathers Invest in Their Children

    June marks the midpoint of our trip around the Sun. This is the month that we transition from spring to summer, and if you live in Alabama that brings mixed feelings. Long summer days also mean unbearably humid, hot conditions. If you are guarding a post or working on the flight line, these upcoming hot days may not be seen as very pleasant.
  • Strength from within

    We have come a long way in the two short years I have had the privilege of commanding the best C-130 tactical airlift wing in AFRC! The proud men and women of the 908th have a long heritage of being the best and I, for one, would not argue that fact.
  • Farewell friends, family

    The Greatest Generation? Oh yes you are! From day one, and for the last 15 years You, the Reservist and your Guard brethren, have carried the load of this war. YOU have deployed several times leaving family and friends behind, YOU continue to volunteer to go into harm’s way, YOU return home and do your very best to assimilate back into a society who simply cannot comprehend what you have seen and done and YOU continue to give this old man confidence that our country will be OK … there will always be rough spots, but YOU will make sure we prevail.