The Foundation for Ready Now

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Israel Nuñez

Upon taking command last year, our commander issued his TASKORD with a focus on being Ready Now and Transforming for the Future. This order was crucial in ensuring that our command was combat ready and constantly prepared to meet an on-demand, complex and ever-changing global mission.

It also guaranteed that we were keeping an eye towards successfully fighting and delivering future airpower at the speed of relevance.

I commend all Airmen for taking to heart the charge that our Chief of Air Force Reserve laid out and translating that vision into clear action. As we reflect on a year of executing our commander’s charge, it is important to remind ourselves that one of the tenants of the TASKORD is the core of who we are, and what we must always strive to be.

In the Reserve, we are charged with being a Ready Now force. Time and time again, we have proven that the Air Force Reserve Command can and must continue to maintain a constant state of readiness to provide the lethal firepower and strategic depth that our service needs.

To sustain that imperative, it is the responsibility of leaders and supervisors to uphold accountability at all levels and equip our Airmen with the tools they need to be first-class warfighters.

Accountability starts with a clear focus on the fundamentals. These are the foundations found in Air Force doctrine, instilled in us at Basic Military Training, and that are sometimes overlooked as we perform our operational mission.

Having a base that is rooted in good order and discipline, customs and courtesies, and service pride ensures that we stay focused on mission objectives and can break down barriers that prevent us from performing the simplest, or the most complex, of tasks. Whether the mission is as basic as staying up to date with our Individual Medical Readiness or maintaining the job proficiency and skill level needed to perform your Air Force specialty, we must hold ourselves and others accountable to maintaining the standard that our nation expects of us.

As we work to consistently maintain readiness and adhere to the principles that we swore to abide by, we know that we will often be challenged and stressed, while selflessly sacrificing to accomplish the mission. That sacrifice must not be taken for granted or the challenges faced alone.

As leaders, we must have the genuine desire to care for our Airmen and the access to resources needed to maintain the resiliency of our forces. This includes taking care of all aspects of our comprehensive fitness and promoting quality of life efforts within our formations. This not only assures that we genuinely focus on the Whole Airman Concept, but will also help retain our most valued asset.

When I was selected for this position, I charged all our enlisted Airmen to champion the Four Rs – to help us build a Ready force, a Resilient force, and to Recruit and Retain the force. As we go down this path together, we must continue to adjust the lens in which we view our enterprise. Remember that although you are in the Air Force Reserve, you are an Air Force Airman.

Let us refrain from using “just” before stating who we are, or when explaining our roles and responsibilities. Every position within our organization can be tied directly to its support to our service’s mission, and the defense of our nation and partners.

Always take pride in the fact that you are an integral piece of a multifaceted and ever-evolving national defense apparatus. Our institution and the global landscape are undergoing noticeable changes which require our Reserve force to provide the agile combat airpower needed to deter future aggression and defeat our adversaries.

As you have shown time and time again, I have no doubt that you will rise to the challenge. My questions to you: Are you ready? How are you making an impact? What barriers make it a challenge to be Ready Now? I encourage you to let me know: