I am The 908th: Senior Airman Bonnie Hardy

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Shelby Thurman
  • 908th Airlift Wing

Senior Airman Bonnie Hardy is a Communication, Navigation and Mission Systems specialist with the 908th Maintenance Group.

Hardy specializes in working on any type of radio or communication systems necessary for a C-130 Hercules, but she mainly specializes in UHF or VHF frequencies and their applicable radio systems.

She joined the Air Force Reserve in Feb. 2018 and graduated technical training school July 2019.

The 28-year old recently became a full-time Air Reserve Technician with the 908th MXG as a Communication, Navigation and Mission Systems specialist.

“I worked at an auto manufacturing plant for seven years and I felt like I could do more with my life,” said Hardy. “There wasn’t much of a challenge or anything so I wanted something that required more skill, talent and effort.”

She also said she wanted more stability and educational benefits. Hardy said that since joining she was thankful for the positive life-style change for both her and her husband’s sake. She said that ‘shop life’ is the aspect she is the most thankful for since joining the military.

“I would describe shop life as getting to always spend time with my family,” said Hardy. “I feel like I spend more time here than I do at home, so it’s nice to have people here that I get along with.”

The Heflin-native is married to Jack Hardy. The pair have five dogs named Zoe, Maxwell, Ladybird, Sadie and Macie; and two cats, Lynyrd and Nico.

She takes pride in rescuing animals as well as volunteering her time and donating resources to various no-kill animal rescue shelters.

“Having rescued animals myself inspired me to volunteer with my local no-kill shelter the second I found out that my area had one,” she said.

Having Airmen who are passionate about personal development and serving others is why the 908th takes pride in having Reserve Citizen Airmen like Hardy aboard the team.