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Events with COVID-19 are moving rapidly, but as the boss said - taking care of our Airmen and families is job #1.

As such, the Department of Defense announced widespread travel restrictions to protect our Airmen and families. These restrictions affect the entire DoD workforce and our families. Regardless of whether you are a military member, in or out of status, a civilian employee, a contractor or a family member - please do your part and follow DoD directives, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and local protection measures.

We want to ensure our Airmen and their families are getting the facts on COVID-19. We encourage all to visit the Air Force Reserve website at www.afrc.af.mil and Air Force Reserve social media pages.

Still can't find an answer? Your unit leadership is the best and first place for answers. Individual Reservists should stay in close contact with their chain of command and their RIO detachment. If you still need local answers or just want more information, check your unit's web page and social media sites. 

Bottom line: Take care of each other by communicating up and down the chain. As we keep you informed - pass on the knowledge to your fellow Airmen, and please keep your families informed. 

The commander's intent has been clearly articulated by our boss. Now we must step up together and make it happen. Our senior enlisted leaders must lead and ensure our Airmen and their families are cared for. We must also support our wingmen while we continue to accomplish the mission.

No doubt, we are being challenged. But I know we will prevail because of our people - the same people I meet every day, who impress me no matter what challenges are put before them. I'm proud to serve next to you and humbled to see you take care of our nation under these circumstances. Continue to stay the course, stay resilient and take care of each other. It's an honor and privilege to support you through this dynamic mission entrusted to us. #ReserveResilient!