Connecting with our mission

  • Published
  • By Maj. Darris Edge
  • 908th FSS
Serving our country is a privilege and an honor. The energy and enthusiasm of an Airman entering the profession of arms is contagious. How do we keep that focus throughout a member's career? It is important to understand the role that each of us plays in the defense of this country.

More importantly, we need to be able to tie the job we perform to the overall mission. Every job is crucial and our focus and attention on the jobs that support the mission must be communicated and reiterated frequently.

I have often shared the story of how a former group commander addressed my organization and asked, "Why did you join the military?" The responses crossed a broad range of reasons from education, retirement and benefits. When all the answers were shared, the commander very directly clarified our role by quoting Prussian General Carl von Clausewitz, stating "war is a continuation of politics by other means."

In short, our role is to provide wartime support to defend this nation when "other means" have failed.

In today's global political climate, the demand has never been greater to ensure our forces are trained and equipped to respond to our nation's call. Every Airman must train with the purpose of constant and consistent improvement. We must challenge ourselves to increase the proficiency of our job skills, and to become more efficient in the process.

During the March UTA, I watched the men and women of the 908th FSS preparing for a competition at the Silver Flag facility at Dobbins ARB, Ga. Earlier that morning, I had the opportunity to speak with them to express the importance of the roles FSS brings to the wartime mission.

Whatever support function we provide, we all need to be clear on the role these activities have in the overall mission. Each is critical to enabling our fellow Airmen, soldiers, sailors and Marines to complete their combat mission. Every Air Force Specialty Code exists to provide an Air Force competency.

These allow our country to remain the most powerful force on the globe. Without them in total, our strength is lessened. This lesson must be frequently reiterated with each and every one of our airmen to keep the focused on their jobs and the mission.