Show yourself the money

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Billy Kidd
  • 908th Airlift Wing
There is evidence our Air Force is changing and becoming more and more of a self-service branch of service everyday. One area that has not been missed by the change is finance and your pay.

As self-service members in today's military, we must make it a priority to be aware of information available to us regarding our pay, and more importantly, how that information can result in your being paid in an quick and orderly fashion.

First and foremost, make sure you can access AROWS and review your orders. Did you know that you can only turn in an order after your tour is completed? This means if the last day of the order is March 1, you cannot turn your order in for pay until March 2.

If the order is for 30 days or more, you will need to out process and make sure you submit a copy of your order to finance as a pre-certification with yours and your supervisor's signature. This will allow your military pay to be started. If an amendment is cut against the order, make sure that it is provided with your orders on file at finance.

When turning your travel vouchers in to finance, make sure you have duplicate copies of everything you turn in. Also, make sure your voucher (DD 1351-2) is the most recent version, which is dated May 2011 at the bottom. Ensure there are two sets of signatures at the bottom of your voucher, yours as well as the reviewers.

Please provide all supporting documentation with your voucher. If it is a hard-copy voucher, you must file. If not, make sure to read that order and, if it says to use DTS, file your voucher in DTS.

If you have any issues with DTS, you can ask your unit official defense travel administrator for assistance.

Another resource you can utilize is MyPay ( ). MyPay is a great resource for updating your address, withholdings for state and federal taxes, and signing up for savings such as the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). If you ever forget your password or get locked out of MyPay, you can contact MyPay at (888) 411-DFAS (3327) for assistance.

As always, the 908th FM office is here to assist you with any and all of the issues named here. Our goal is to arm you with a working knowledge of finance, as well as an awareness of online resources. This way, you can be your own first line of defense.

Rest assured that throughout the process, your financial office personnel are here to back you up.