Safety Sense: Wing SharePoint is back

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Terry Shook
  • 908th Safety Office
"The Enterprise Information Management (EIM)SharePoint environment is not to be used to store official records and is not an official records repository."
- AETCI 33-303, para. 5. Records Management

Wow, that is not what anyone wanted to hear right after SharePoint crashed and everything was lost. Recently, this was the case for most of us when the Maxwell SharePoint crashed. It could not have come at a worse time, not that there is ever a "good" time, but most of us were knee-deep in answering MICT checklists and uploading required documents.

Instead, we were left in a logistical "tailspin" as we scurried around trying to find electronic copies of our lost documents and sadly, without much luck.

By now you've probably heard about or even seen the new 908th SharePoint site. Yep, it's back and this time being managed at AETC and governed by AETCI 33-303, Command Enterprise Information Management SharePoint.

Here are a few things I want to point out and hopefully give you some peace of mind as we once again ask for your participation: EIM SharePoint Administration performs full backups on a weekly basis (Sunday) and differential backups are done daily. Full back up data is retained for seven days and is deleted only after a more recent backup is verified.

As we reengage SharePoint and rebuild the Safety site, let me remind you of the potential benefits based off your participation:

1. It provides a dynamic and interactive location to electronically store copies of pertinent safety information such as your continuity binders.

2. It provides commanders and supervisors of work centers with a multitude of tools, benchmark programs, safety briefings, and access to actively manage their open hazards as well as recommended corrective actions.

3. In 2013 and 2014, units who actively used this process reduced the time it took for us to complete their annual inspection by half and reduced their findings by an average of nearly 66 percent from the previous year.

So, what is your next step in moving forward?  We encourage your unit to use the Safety SharePoint site.  Please provide the safety office with your section titles and POC's.  Once we create your folders, based off your requirements, your POC's will be given the permissions to upload, delete and update information on their assigned folders and documents.  This will allow you to reap the benefits from SharePoint - a more efficient and effective unit safety program.