Defense Travel System: Past, present & future

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Billy Kidd
  • 908th FM
The Defense Travel System (DTS) has been with us for more than two years now.  It has paid our members as promised - three days or less - as long as the voucher is filled out correctly.

When DTS first started, a majority of members were concerned about how well it would work. Fast forward to the present and we are in a much better place. However, in some ways we are still stuck at the starting line.

Many wing members are unaware that there are Organizational Defense Travel Administrators (ODTAs) in every unit or section. These ODTAs are your local DTS assistants and took the same training as the Finance Defense Travel Administrators (FDTAs) in finance. 

Your ODTA is your local point of contact and will assist you with any DTS travel related issues, and having a local unit specialist saves you time traveling to finance and also enables continuity when working travel issues.

When ODTAs run into problems they are unable to solve, they will contact the finance office for further direction. We in Finance are always available for questions but we ask everyone to start at their local unit first. This allows all of our ODTAs to become DTS experts and familiarize themselves with issues occurring in their particular units.

It looks like DTS is here to stay.  Given that, we hope everyone will get to know the system better and seek the help of their local unit ODTA when needed.  We appreciate the hard work and assistance provided by all of our ODTAs.  The following is a full list of ODTAs in each unit or section.