We are The 908th: The 908th Maintenance Squadron

  • Published
  • By Bradley J. Clark
  • 908th Airlift Wing

Editor’s note: “We are The 908th” is a 16 part series, running biweekly, detailing the workings of the various units in the 908th Airlift Wing. This is part eight, giving insight on the 908th Maintenance Squadron

The 908th Maintenance Squadron is the baseline maintenance unit supporting the 908th Airlift Wing’s nine C-130s. The squadron is under the command umbrella of the 908th Maintenance Group.

Commanded by Lt. Col. Norris Thompson, the squadron’s mission is to, “support the 908th Airlift Wing’s C-130 operations by providing centralized back shop support to perform on and off equipment maintenance tasks that are assigned to a specific back shop function.” Their vision is, “exporting excellence through the delivery of superior aircraft and elite personnel anytime, anywhere.”

According to Thompson, the priorities for the squadron are, “quality phased inspections and back shop support for assigned aircraft along with deployment support and facilitation as appropriate for execution.”

In order to accomplish all of this, the squadron takes its 153 members, 41 of which are full-timers and 112 being traditional reservists, and divides them into 8 different sections including the propulsion section, the maintenance section, the aerospace ground equipment section, the avionics section, the fabrication section, the accessory section, and the munitions section.

“The propulsion section maintains aircraft engine propulsion units, propulsion components, and propellers,” explained Thompson. “They are in charge of teardown & buildup of engines and props, along with engine management.”

“The maintenance section is in charge of aircraft inspections,” said Thompson. “They perform aircraft isochronal inspections and then the wheel & tire, crash recovery, replacement and rigging subsection manages the build-up, repair, test, and storage of wheel and tire assemblies and components. Provide a response and or recovery capability of assigned crashed, damaged, or disabled aircraft. Replaces, and rigs flight control surfaces and systems on assigned aircraft.”

“The aerospace ground equipment section is responsible for providing powered and non-powered AGE to support both aircraft and non-aircraft weapon systems,” explained Thompson. “They do this through the equipment ready line and back shop inspections.”

“The avionics section maintains avionics systems and components and the associated test support equipment,” said Thompson. “They provide maintenance to the guidance and control systems and the communication and navigation systems.”

“The fabrication section consists of three subsections,” explained Thompson. “The sheet metal repair paint section that manages structural repair, corrosion control, inspection, damage evaluation, repair, manufacture, and or modification of metallic, composite, fiberglass, plastic components, and related hardware associated with aircraft. Then there is metals technology that inspects, repairs, services, manufactures, fabricates, performs heat treating, cleans, welds, and tests aircraft and equipment, components and tools. And lastly there is the non-destructive inspection that preforms NDI of aircraft, engines, AGE, and other equipment.”

“The accessory section also has three subsections,” explained Thompson. The hydraulics section that performs authorized local manufacture, repair, overhaul, testing, modification, and inspection of aircraft hydraulic components. The electrics and environmental section that performs authorized local manufacture, repair, overhaul, testing, modification, and inspection of aircraft electrical components, wiring harnesses, batteries, and charging units. And the fuels section that repairs, functionally checks, and inspects aircraft fuel systems, fuel tanks, in-flight refueling receptacle systems, and related components.”

“The munitions section performs off-equipment maintenance for assigned aircraft armament systems and adapters,” explained Thompson.

That’s all of the 908th Maintenance Squadron and the 908th Maintenance Group. Next up for “We are The 908th,” is the 908th Mission Support Group.