I am The 908th: Senior Airman Jamieroquai Cooper

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Max Goldberg
  • 908th Airlift Wing

Senior Airman Jamieroquai Cooper is an all-source analyst with the 908th Operations Support Squadron. Cooper has been with the 908th for three years and has worked in Intelligence career field the whole time. Cooper joined at 18 and says his grandfather and his aunt, both of whom had full careers in the Army, were major influences in his decision to serve.

“Seeing how my aunt was able to provide for herself and her family, seeing her strength, it really inspired me,” said Cooper. “It made me wonder how the military could do that same thing for me.”

Outside of the Air Force, Cooper works as a data analyst for Lockheed Martin and is pursuing a degree in cybersecurity. Cooper said he plans to get a master’s degree and eventually commission as an officer.

Initially, Cooper had planned to pursue his passion for music and singing but quickly found a new passion for problem solving and interpersonal communication when he joined the military.

“When I came to the Air Force, I loved what I was doing so much it made me take a different turn,” said Cooper. “I found a new passion.”

The motivated young Airman says he plans to make a full career in the military and is excited for the opportunities that will come with military service.

Cooper said the thing he enjoys most about the military is how it challenges him and pushes him to improve.

“The Air Force has stretched my mind and changed the way I think about so many things in a positive way,” said Cooper. “It pushes me mentally; I really have enjoyed it. I haven’t found anything that makes me want to grow as much as being in the Air Force has.”

Senior Airman Cooper is part of a new generation of 908th members that are looking toward the future of the wing and the future of the Air Force. He is a motivated Airman who focuses on self-improvement as much as the overall betterment of those he works with in order to carry out the mission of the 908th Airlift Wing.